Payment Methods :

We accept various payment methods, such as Bank Transfer (Online Transfer/ATM Transfer/Cash Deposit), or DuitNow QR Pay (any bank & e-Wallet), or Billplz (Automatic Activation), or Credit/Debit Card.

You may choose whichever method that suits you most, below :

1) Method 1 (Online Bank Transfer or ATM Machine) 

2) Method 2 (Pay using DuitNow) (QR Code) 

3) Method 3 (Pay using Billplz) (Automatic Activation) 

Method 1 (Online Bank Transfer or ATM Machine) :

If you wish to pay directly to our bank accounts (using Online Transfer, ATM Transfer, or Cash Deposit), below are our bank account details :

Method 2 (Pay using DuitNow QR) :

DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR Standard established by PayNet under the BNM’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework. 

Through DuitNow QR’s interoperability, any compliant QR Code can take payments from any participating Banks and e-Wallets. 

Method 3 (Pay using Billplz) :

If you want your new purchase to be activated on the spot, you may pay using Billplz.

For this, you need to login to your Client Area .

It's easy. Just follow the below steps :


Payment Notification Terms

i) Each Time After Making Payment (be it Online Transfer, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit, QRPay, Billplz, PayPal, or Available Credit), Client Must Email Payment Details Separately To, or, Submit Ticket HERE Immediately. Do Not Rely on the Bank's (or PayPal's) Notification, Because Their Notification Sometimes Reach Us Very Late, or, Never Reach Us At All.

ii) After sending Us An Email to , or, Submit Ticket HERE, You Should Receive an Auto-Generated Email Reply (with A Ticket Number) within 5-15 minutes. If You Receive this Ticket Number, That Means, Your Email Has Reached Us Safely. If Your Issue Has Not Been Resolved Yet, Please Do Not Close This Ticket, Until Our Staff Replies To It. (We Normally Reply Within 15-60 minutes, or sometimes even faster!).

iii) However, If You Do Not Receive Our Ticket Number After 15 Minutes, This Means that Your Email Did Not Reach Us Safely. In This Situation, Please Give Us A Call to Follow-Up (Our Hotline is : +603 4813 7128. Please DO NOT Wait For Hours/Days Before You Call Us to Follow-Up (Especially When Your Payment Is Urgent). Call Us Immediately! Otherwise, NetKL Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Loss Caused By Failure to Activate/Renew Your Required Service On Time.

iv) If you Make Payment via Billplz, Credit/Debit Card, SenangPay, PayPal, or Available Credit (in your Billing); You Will Receive a Receipt of Your Payment Automatically (sent by our System), however, the Service(s) You Are Trying to Activate/Renew Still Need to be Updated (Activated/Renewed) Manually by our Staff, therefore, please Send the Payment Proof to , or, Submit Ticket HERE as usual, to Avoid any Delay in Activating/Renewing your Required Service.

v) Please note that; our Main Communication Method is only via Email ( ), or, Ticketing System HERE, because that Email is Monitored at all times (24x7). SMS/Watsapp/Facebook Messaging are not encouraged, because they are seldom monitored. However, if you Do Not receive our Auto-Generated Email Reply (with Ticket Number) within 15 minutes, You Must Call our Hotline : +603 4813 7128 immediately, to Avoid any Delay in Service Activation/Renewal.

vi) By making Payment to NetKL's account; You Signify that You Have Read & Understood the Above Terms, and NetKL will Not be Held Responsible for Any Loss Incurred, Resulting from your Failure to Adhere to the above Terms.

Still have any question/concern?

Let's Livechat with our Customer Support now, for more info/clarification  

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Hotline :

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